Possibly the coolest visualization on Triple Whale and with the greatest intelligence value is our Product Journey. What this shows you is the flow of products and how your customers are actually moving in their interest across your store.

So what you see here is the journey from your customers’ first to second and second to third purchase. And you can see how your customer's interests are trending across your store.

There are two really essential numbers that you’ll want to pay attention to on the Product Journey. The first is what we call the Golden Path - and that’s the most prominent path from your first to second sale; meaning, the product which had the highest percentage of return customers.

Next, you have what we call the Golden Product Path - and that’s when the initial purchase was repeated in the second and third sale. A really strong indication of the success of a product is when you see cohorts growing in percentage.

And of course, you can really dig into the journey each of your products are taking and modify your ad sets and ad spend based on exactly what your customers want - putting you in control of your data, all in one place.

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