Monthly reporting doesn’t work at the speed of eCommerce.

So, we built something that does.

FinHub brings the financial tools and accounts you’re already using into one simple dashboard. Gain clarity like never before with consolidated transactional data, real-time cash flow reporting, and accrual P&L designed to help DTC brands built on Shopify operate smarter.

Key Features:

1. Aggregation

  • Save time spent sifting through credit cards logins, banking portals, and accounting software by integrating all of your financial accounts and tools into one dashboard

  • Understand the overall financial health of your business by bringing all credits and debits into one cohesive interface

  • Uncover unnecessary subscriptions and hidden cost centers

2. Cash Flow

  • Spend on growth with confidence backed by real-time cash flow data

  • React to market conditions in real-time rather than waiting for ‘end of month close’

  • Spend less time wrangling spreadsheets and more time making important decisions

  • Stop bugging your CFO with basic finance questions

3. Accrual/Reconciliation

  • Get a crystal clear picture of the profitability of your business

  • See how your current performance stacks up against previous periods

  • Understand the levers you can pull to drive better results

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