Dashboard Sections

Live transactions

Users get a live view of all of their financial transactions (both debits and credits) spanning all of their accounts.

Clicking on any of the transactions will pull up a modal window where users can drill down on the transactions in that specific account.

From here users can recategorize any of the individual transactions as well as create categorization rules to apply to all other transactions from the same vendor.


Users get a P&L (profit and loss) statement that is designed for DTC.

Features that make this P&L ideal for DTC include detailed subcategories of costs...

As well as the ability to accrue for asynchronous costs.

Clicking on any of the categories or subcategories in the P&L will bring up a drill down modal that shows all of the underlying transactions assigned to that category within the time range.


Users can gather all of their invoices in one place, and easily see how much is due within the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

Users can enter their invoices manually…

Alternatively, if users have connected their accounting system, then any invoices they enter into their accounting system will automatically be imported into FinHub.


Users see a representation of their inventory (because it is a balance sheet item).


Users get a pinned section, just like on the summary page. Any tiles pinned from the FinHub will also show up on the summary page, but tiles pinned from the summary page do not show on the FinHub.

Cash flow

Users get a real-time cash flow statement, showing all money going into and out of their bank accounts (blended across accounts), as well as tiles showing:

  • Money in

  • Money out

  • Beginning cash

  • Ending cash, and

  • Total change in cash

Credit card

Users get a breakdown of all of their credit card debt, both broken down by account and in total.


Users get a breakdown of their cash, both broken down by account and in total.

Balance sheet

Users also get a live balance sheet, reflecting all of their assets and liabilities.

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