By default, Plaid automatically categorizes every transaction.

However, their categories are not always relevant for an eCom P&L, so we provide a tool that enables users to map from Plaid categories to P&L lines:

Users can also create rules for mapping transactions (both debits and credits) to P&L lines based on source names:

Finally, if users have connected their accounting system to FinHub then categories will automatically be imported from their accounting system and applied to all transactions in FinHub.


Users can give accounts nicknames to make them easier to identify, and users can remove accounts at any time.


By default, all P&L lines are populated with transactional data from Plaid, but users can elect to instead populate certain lines of the P&L with data from the summary page of Triple Whale:

  • Marketing > Paid Media can be taken from Blended Ad Spend

  • COGs > Product can be taken from COGs

  • Operations > Shipping can be taken from Shipping Fees, and

  • Operations > Handling can be taken from Handling Fees

The purpose of this feature is to enable users to incorporate accrual accounting into their P&L.


RBACs stands for Role Based Access Controls. Owners can give other users of their TW account access to FinHub. Users who have not been given access will not be able to access FinHub.

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