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Lighthouse: Correlations & Activities
Lighthouse: Correlations & Activities
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Lighthouse enables you to easily view the full scope of events occurring across your key integrations alongside your most important metrics. Correlate events across every aspect of your business and track activities -- all in a single dashboard.

Getting Started

Click on the Summary icon, and select Lighthouse to launch the dashboard.

Correlation Clarity

Have you ever wanted a single space to review your key metrics while also logging your own custom activities? Perhaps you wanted to see every campaign or adset budget change you’ve made in Facebook? Or maybe you want to plot Facebook ad spend and Shopify revenue on a graph while overlaying all new ad creation activities? Activity Feed lets you see this with ease.

Or, let's say you recently ran a promotion with a bunch of influencers, launched a TV ad, or made a major change to your site's homepage. Want to see the impact those changes had on your business? Now, with Activity Feed, you can log these as custom activities and plot them on the graph as annotations, so that you can see exactly how your marketing efforts are impacting your key metrics.

With Lighthouse, you'll be able to make data-driven decisions that help you grow your ecommerce business. Plus, you'll save time by having all your metrics and activities in one place, so you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

Graphing Metrics

You can visualize and correlate metrics on a “normalized” graph or “denormalized” graph which will help you compare trends or the magnitude of difference between metrics.

  • Normalized Metrics are plotted on a graph with a common scale. Best for analyzing trends between metrics.

  • Denormalized Metrics are plotted as they are, without any transformation or adjustment. Best for analyzing the magnitude between metrics.

Pinned Metrics

Select up to 8 metrics to be displayed on the graph at any given time. By default, the metrics you select will be pinned at the bottom of the graph, giving you quick access to your favorites.

Activity Feed

Your activity feed is made up of changes that have occurred across your ad channels, email platform, SMS platform and Shopify store.

Activities will be plotted on the graph above based on the time in which they happened. If multiple activities occurred on the same day or time, they will be aggregated (as shown in the visual below).

If you want to review the details of the activities, simply click on the icon displayed on your graph to visualize them.

Which Activities Are Tracked?

The activity feed is broken up into the following elements:

  • Custom Activities: Create your own custom activities so that you can log things such as website changes or media mentions

    • Example: Did Forbes write an article about your founder? Log it in the activity feed!

  • Standard Channel Activities: Made up of changes happening across all of your core integrations. Here are the events you can track in the Activity Feed, per marketing channel:

    • Facebook-ads

      1. Campaign created

      2. Campaign status changed

      3. Campaign name changed

      4. Campaign daily_budget changed

      5. Adset created

      6. Adset status changed

      7. Adset name changed

      8. Adset daily_budget changed

      9. Ad created

      10. Ad status changed

      11. Ad name changed

      12. Adset Bid Cap Changed

    • Google-ads:

      1. Campaign created

      2. Campaign name changed

      3. Adset created

      4. Adset name changed

      5. Ad created

      6. Ad name changed

    • Tiktok-ads:

      1. Ad created

      2. Ad display name changes

      3. Ad name changes

    • Klaviyo:

      1. Campaign status change to ‘sent’

    • Triple-Whale:

      1. CDP segment created

      2. CDP segment sync to FB changes

      3. New user joined

      4. New user invited

      5. Integration connected

      6. Integration disconnected

      7. PPS activated

      8. PPS deactivated

      9. PPS updated

    • Shopify:

      1. Shopify product variant out of stock

      2. Shopify product variant back in stock (changed from 0 to >0)

      3. Shopify product variant price increased

      4. Shopify product variant price decreased

Activity Filters

By default, all activities will be listed in your feed. However, if you'd like to filter your view, you can click the filter icon next to "Create Activity" which will help you narrow down the activities that are most important to your analysis.

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