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Founders Dash Mobile Apps
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Triple Whale's Founders Dash is mobile!

Every single feature you see in the gorgeous desktop dashboard is also available on the free mobile app. It’s amazing to have complete access to your dashboard wherever you are -- as long as you’ve got a signal, of course.

Simply scan the QR code to get the app on iOS or Android.

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Interested in adding a widget to your home screen? We got you covered.

Here's how to set yours up in less than 30 seconds:

✅ Download the Triple Whale mobile app

✅ Make sure your Pinned Metrics look 🔥

✅ Press and hold an empty area of your home screen until the apps jiggle

✅ Press the ➕ in the top left hand corner

✅ Search for Triple Whale in the widgets tab

✅ Scroll all the way to the right to find 📍Pinned

✅ Press ➕Add Widget

🎉 Congratulations 🎉 You did it!

Show off your widget by tagging us on LinkedIn or Twitter @TripleWhale with a screenshot of your pinned metrics.

Contact with any questions.

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