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Founders Dash Reports

Stay up-to-date on the go with Triple Whale's automated reports and push notifications.

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Accurate reporting is a super important part of your business but it can also be really annoying - especially for high-touch clients. We automated the entire process, so you have more time to make more money and engage with your newest clients.


First, navigate to the cog in the bottom left-hand menu. Select "Reports".

Click “+ Create new report” to start building.

You'll be asked to fill in:

  1. Report Title

  2. Where the report should be sent and how frequently

  3. Report recipients

  4. Metrics to include

You’ll get an email displaying all the metrics you’ve selected both in deltas and absolutes; the report will link back to your Dash at the bottom of the email.

You can also generate an instant Report which you can share out with your partners or teammates - just hit the share button on the top right of any given section.

Contact with any questions.

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