Integrating Gorgias with Triple Whale

Gorgias is the eCommerce helpdesk that turns your customer service into a profit center. And there's every good reason why you'd want to see your high-level CS metrics in line with your overall store performance.

Enter: Triple Whale.

Within a few short clicks, you can connect your Gorgias account to Triple Whale. You'll be able to track the total number of tickets, replies, average response time, and average resolution time -- without ever leaving the eCom OS.

Setting Up your Gorgias Integration

1. Head to Settings > Integrations and click Connect to Gorgias.

2. Head to Gorgias and collect the relevant information as requested in the popup:

3. Click save, and Boom! -- your Gorgias data will begin importing into your Triple Whale dashboard. Hello, profit kingdom 🏰

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