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Email/SMS, Organic, and Influencer Tracking
Email/SMS, Organic, and Influencer Tracking

Triple Whale now supports tracking and attribution for a wide variety of platforms. Learn how you can gain greater attribution clarity here.

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NOTE: For guidance on Klaviyo & SMSBump tracking, see the bottom of our general UTM recommendations article.

Email/SMS Tracking

We now support UTM tracking for a number of major email and SMS platforms. By identifying the UTM source, medium, and campaign, our Pixel will provide the attribution you need so you can understand the role these play in your overall marketing strategy.

1. utm_source

Ads being run through your email marketing channel should identify the vendor within the utm_source parameter. Any UTM source will be tracked, but only the following sources will be visible within the Email/SMS tab:

  • Attentive: utm_source=attentive

  • Postscript: utm_source=postscript

  • Mailchimp: utm_source=mailchimp

  • Omnisend: utm_source=omnisend

  • SMSbump: utm_source=smsbump

  • Via SMS: utm_source=via

For these sources, using utm_medium and utm_campaign will allow you to click into those sources to see the conversions tracked to each specific campaign.

Each Email/SMS platform has their own internal way for customers to set up their UTM tracking. Let's take a look at two examples below: Attentive and Postscript.


To set up your UTM tracking in Attentive, click Settings and select Google Analytics. Make sure the option to Enable Google Analytics Link Tracking is checked.

Then, each campaign you launch will have its' own utm_campaign setting. When creating a new campaign text, click the URL button and you'll be able to input the UTM campaign. This can simply be the name of the campaign, so you'll be able to easily identify them in Triple Whale.


Please follow the directions outlined by the Postscript team, here.

Other SMS Platforms:

Omnisend: Insert the campaign name into the UTM settings found in your campaign builder within Omnisend. More info on where to find those settings is located here.

Organic Tracking

The Organic page will track all of your organic traffic such as social media posts or Google searches. Use this feature to track the revenue of your Instagram link in bio, Instagram product tag clicks, or even organic search traffic driven by Bing, Yahoo, or Google.

Note: Organic traffic does not require the implementation of custom UTM parameters. We are able to track link clicks from referrer sources directly.

Influencer & Affiliate Tracking

You can now track Influencer and Affiliate traffic and revenue within Triple Whale in the Affluencer Hub!

Essentially, there should be three components to the UTMs generated using that tool:

  • utm_source=((name of platform eg. youtube))

  • utm_medium=influencer

  • utm_campaign=((name of campaign eg. michael-whyte-april-22))

What you'll end up with is a Tracking URL that looks like this:

Once you've put this together, simply send that complete Tracking URL to the influencer and let Triple Whale track those conversions! 💸

Questions? Reach out to our Customer Success team!

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