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Benchmarks Report
Benchmarks Report

A brand new way to see how your company’s metrics - like ROAS, CPA, and CPC - compare to those of your peers

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With the Benchmarks report, you can access the largest aggregated set of real-time DTC data to see how your brand and marketing strategy are pacing against stores just like yours within your industry.

Using data from over 20,000 Triple Whale customers and presented in an easy-to-use dashboard, the Benchmark report allows you to uncover trends for the most common ad platforms like Google, Meta, TikTok, and a Blended view to understand the broad trends across all platforms.

What Data is Included

To maintain the reliability and relevance of the data, we apply specific inclusion criteria daily to each shop included within the dataset:

  1. Valid Currency Conversion: Accounts must have a valid currency conversion process.

  2. Minimum Spend: Accounts should have a minimum ad spend of $100 USD.

  3. Ad Channel Reported Revenue: Accounts must report at least $100 USD in conversion value from ad channels.

These criteria ensure that only accounts meeting these standards are included in the analysis, providing accurate and meaningful insights.

Cohort Filtering

Apply cohort filtering based on various shop attributes to focus on insightful paid media KPIs and statistically significant cohort sample sizes relevant to your brand. The filters include:

  1. Industry: Select one of thirteen different industries that best matches your shop:

    1. Art

    2. Baby

    3. Books

    4. Clothing

    5. Electronics

    6. Pet Supplies

    7. Home & Garden

    8. Sporting & Goods

    9. Toys & Hobbies

    10. Health & Beauty

    11. Food & Beverages

    12. Fashion Accessories

    13. Other

  2. Average Order Value (AOV) Segment: Choose to compare your data with shops whose orders average more or less than $100 USD over the last 90 days.

  3. Gross Merchandise Value (GMV): Compare against benchmark data from shops in the same annual revenue bracket over the last 365 days. These are broken down into:

    1. Less than $1M

    2. $1M to $10M

    3. Over $10M

Use Cases

Benchmark data can be extremely helpful in answering questions about your business, such as:

  1. How is my business and Facebook marketing performing compared to other businesses similar to mine?

  2. Is my marketing agency performing above or below the average of similar businesses as my client(s)?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which channel metrics are available in this report?

  • The following metrics are imported from each ad channel and available to use in this report: CPA, CPC, CPM, CVR, CTR, MER, ROAS, and AOV. For the technical definition of each metric, visit our Metrics Dictionary.

2. Which regions or countries are included in benchmark data?

  • Benchmarks are based on all markets (not just US), and the currency is converted into USD.

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