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Addressing commonly asked questions about eCommerce, attribution, and Triple Whale

Access Billing & Invoice InformationEffortlessly access and manage your billing invoices and payment status
Export Pixel Data to CSV
Benchmarks ReportA brand new way to see how your company’s metrics - like ROAS, CPA, and CPC - compare to those of your peers
Does Triple Whale have a mobile app?Unleash the power of Triple Whale wherever you are, with the free full-featured app for iOS and Android.
Can I track Subscription Order Tags?Track and attribute recurring orders and revenue by Order Tags in Triple Whale.
Using Trends by Triple Whale for eCommerce Benchmarking
Integrations Troubleshooting
Will I lose Social Proof by updating Meta UTMs?Here is a simple way to update your UTM tracking parameters while maintaining social proof
Managing Multiple Shops: Pods ViewHelping you swim from store to store seamlessly. 🐳
Adding Additional Stores to Your AccountGetting all your stores onboarded and integrated with Triple Whale could hardly be easier.
Adding Team Members to Multiple Shops at Once
Triple Whale Agency Partner ProgramAs a certified Triple Whale agency partner, you unlock access to resources & tools to grow your business.
Is Triple Whale GDPR Compliant?Triple Whale follows strict international standards and regulations in order to keep your data safe and private.
2-Factor VerificationSecure your Triple Whale account by setting up 2-factor authorization
Creating and Managing API KeysWith the introduction of API Keys, using the Triple Whale API is now easier than ever.
How to Uninstall the Triple PixelIf you need to uninstall the Triple Pixel for any reason, the following instructions will help you remove it from your site.
How accurate is Triple Whale's data?The accuracy of Triple Whale’s data is a product of its robust data integration and processing framework
Which currencies are supported in Triple Whale?
Will my historical data backfill?