LTV (Lifetime Value) cohorts can be a confusing subject for some users, so let’s try and break this down into actionable information.

A cohort is a group of people with one or more characteristics in common. So, for our purposes, a cohort would be all the customers you acquired or who made purchases within a specific period of time through a specific marketing channel, and the value they bring to your business.

Working with this data can be really helpful for making informed decisions in your marketing campaigns. And having real-time data can make a major difference in your bottom-line results.

What our tool allows you to do is to drill down into the data by either Product SKU, Discount Code, Referring Site, or Campaign. You can also view the data cumulatively, or break things down to view by sales, customer counts, percent returning customers, or overall LTV.

Here's a deep dive into how to use LTV Cohort data for budgeting and scaling:

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