Triple Pixel: Goal and Method

The Triple Pixel provides transparency and accuracy for your ad performance so that you can optimize your media buying with confidence.

Our Pixel acts as a sophisticated camera system on your store, building a unique anonymous identity of each visitor while tracking their events on your store during each site session.

Then, by using the right UTMs in your Ads Manager accounts, our Pixel knows each ad the customer clicked on before arriving at your store.

So, when they eventually make a purchase, we can assign credit back to those ads that played a part in the customers' journey. This is called attribution.

Why Triple Whale Can Do What Facebook Cannot

Facebook is a third-party app, bound by the limitations of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework, which launched in 2020. Unless a Facebook user has opted-in to sharing their data with Facebook, the Facebook Pixel can no longer track a user's path from ad-click/view -> conversion with the accuracy it once had. These limitations prevent Facebook from performing 1:1 attribution on about 75% of users.

In contrast, installing the Triple Pixel on your site will bridge the gap that Apple’s privacy policy has created between your website and digital ad platforms. Using first-party data, we will now have the ability to more accurately attribute ad clicks (from places like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Pinterest & TikTok), to real conversions. Since we partner directly with you, the store, we're simply keeping an eye on your visitors and their activities in the shop -- while using UTMs to connect those events to the ads the visitor clicked on to arrive at your shop.

Using UTMs

The way our Pixel knows precisely which ad your customer clicked on is by the use of UTMs. (More on that here.) Simply put, when a customer clicks on your ad that has the proper UTMs, they essentially show up in your store announcing to our Pixel exactly which ad they came from. Each time they click on another ad, we will append that touchpoint to their customer journey. When the customer ultimately makes a purchase, you'll see that entire journey mapped out -- pretty incredible, right?

Keep in mind that our Pixel only has visibility on customer behavior from the moment we installed it on your site, and customer journeys through your marketing channels will only be reliable once those UTMs are updated. In short, you should wait for the length of your average customer journey (from first ad click until purchase) before deriving actionable insight.

Attribution Models

There are different methods for assigning credit to ads for the role they played in causing a customer to make a purchase. Our philosophy is to give you the full customer journey, and let you decide where the credit belongs.

To that measure, we present a number of different attribution models. Check out our article on Attribution Models to learn more about them.

Some of the most powerful data from the Triple Pixel can be derived from really digging down to the ad level and seeing your true ROAS. Let's take a closer look. Click on the campaign name to see your ad sets and ads.

Dig Into Your ROAS Data

The highlighted-blue column displays your Triple Pixel ROAS - meaning, what our Triple Pixel has determined to be your true Return on Ad Spend based on our tracking and attribution data.

Our goal isn't to be consistently higher than Facebook (although we hope that to be the case!). Our goal is to tell you the truth about your attribution, so you can make the most informed decisions.

Clicking on the Pixel ROAS for any given campaign, ad set or ad will pull up the list of orders and customers we were able to track back to that particular ad.

Then, clicking on the name of a customer will then pull up the customer's journey across your marketing channels and your store, culminating in their purchase.

Talk about transparency!

Other Columns

Any column with the pixel-y floppy disk image consists of data from the Triple Pixel. So much data to explore!

We're tracking a ton of data with the Triple Pixel: Orders, Conversion Value, CPA, AOV, New Customer Data, Add to Carts, and so much more! Click the Columns button to add, remove, or rearrange columns of data on the table.

Channel Overlap

Not every customer journey is a straight line from ad to purchase. Many customers engage with ads from multiple ad channels before making a purchase on your store.

The Channel Overlap view provides a visual display of the number of customers who had multiple touch-points in their journey.

You can toggle between overlapping different ad channels by clicking the channel names at the bottom.

Live Orders

You can watch our real-time attribution happen in real-time! the Live Orders section updates every time a new order is placed in your store.

As long as the customer clicked through an ad at some time before making the purchase, the Triple Pixel will instantly attribute the sale to the correct ad channel/s.

Additional Channel Attribution from Post-Purchase Surveys

The internet isn't a controlled environment, and not every customer journey can be tracked. Some users don't click on the ads that influence their purchase decisions. Some ads don't have the proper UTM setup. And some users see an ad on their friend's Facebook store before purchasing on their own device!

To solve this, we launched a completely free Post-Purchase Survey feature:

With just one click you can add a clean, simple, unbranded one-question survey to your Confirmation page after each order is placed.

Here's how it works: suppose 300 users fill out the survey, 100 of which identify Facebook as the place where they heard about your store. We take those results and de-duplicate them, removing users who we were already able to track via the Pixel. Then we attribute those remaining orders back to the channel level. This adds a whole new level to channel attribution in an area that otherwise remains in the shadows.

We also have an integration with EnquireLabs (now called Fairing), a paid post-purchase survey app

There's so much more to explore!

Our goal is to help you waste less time, make more money, and buy media with confidence with the Triple Pixel. If you have any questions, please speak with our live chat by clicking Get Help in the lower-left corner of your dashboard.

Happy Media Buying! 🔮

For the proper UTMs for paid media (Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc.), Check out this article with further guidance on setting those up.

For the proper UTMs for Email/SMS and Influencer/Affiliates, Check out this article with further guidance on setting those up.

Understanding Attribution in Triple Pixel

In the following video, Logan runs through the different views within Triple Pixel and how to understand the data we're providing.

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