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Triple Pixel: When Will There be Actionable Insights?
Triple Pixel: When Will There be Actionable Insights?

Even though you've updated your UTMs, it will take more than a day to receive actionable insights. Here's why.

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Why your first few days of Pixel data may not be actionable

As a general rule of thumb, we typically recommend waiting a few days after installing our Pixel and updating your UTMs before diving into the data to make game-time decisions — allow me to explain why.

As you may know, our tracking relies on using specific UTMs in order to give credit to the specific ad or ads that led to a customer’s purchase. As such, purchases made from ad clicks that occurred before those UTMs were implemented will not be credited back to those respective ads (since we weren’t able to track that click event).

Therefore, during the first few days, it is likely that some of the ad clicks that led to purchases originally took place before our Pixel was installed and you implemented the UTMs -- and that would explain why our Pixel won't be able to properly give those ads the credit due.

Put differently: After a few days, our Pixel will be tracking virtually every customer journey from its first ad click through the purchase point. Before then, some of the touchpoints in those journeys will have occurred when our Pixel wasn't yet there to track.

Unsure if you have your UTMs set up correctly? Reach out to our Customer Success team and we'll take a look for you.

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