In this article we will go through the steps needed to add the Triple Pixel to your Zipify landing page.

Step 1:

Navigate to your Zipify Settings.

From Settings, navigate to 'Global Scripts'.

In the 'Landing page Scripts' Box, click 'Add New'.

Please note that if you are using other Zipify page types, you will need to follow the subsequent steps for each type of page.

Step 2:

The Triple Pixel identifies that the website is a Shopify store by accessing the “TripleHeadless” variable with the Shopify domain as its value. This variable should be created within the <head> tag on every page where you will be tracking website visitors. Most developers add it to their website's persistent header, so it can be used on all pages.

Placing the code within your <head> tags reduces the chances of browsers or third-party code blocking the Pixel's execution. It also executes the code sooner, increasing the chance that your visitors are tracked before they leave your page.

Copy the following script, making sure to replace with your shops Shopify URL:

<script> TripleHeadless = '' </script>

Paste the script into Zipify.

Click Save.

Step 3:

Add the second snippet right below the variable you added above, within the <head> tag of your website. Wherever the variable was added in Step 1, the pixel snippet should also be added.

Copy the following script:

/* >> TriplePixel :: start*/
~function(W,H,A,L,E,_){function O(T,R){void 0===R&&(R=!1),H=new XMLHttpRequest,"GET","//"+~(,!0),H.send(null),H.onreadystatechange=function(){4===H.readyState&&200===H.status?setTimeout(function(){return eval(H.responseText)},50):(299<H.status||H.status<200)&&T&&!R&&(R=!0,O(T-1))}}if(L=window,!L[H+"sn"]){L[H+"sn"]=1;try{A.setItem(H,1+(0|A.getItem(H)||0)),W.includes("⇈")&&A.setItem(H+"Stg",1+(0|A.getItem(H+"Stg")||0)),(E=JSON.parse(A.getItem(H+"U")||"[]")).push(location.href),A.setItem(H+"U",JSON.stringify(E))}catch(e){}A.getItem('"!nC`')||(A=L,A[H]||(L=function(){return"_"+Math.random().toString(36)},E=A[H]=function(t,e){return W=L(),(E._q=E._q||[]).push([W,t,e]),E._headless=!0,W},,O(5)))}}("","TriplePixel",localStorage);
/* << TriplePixel :: end*/

Paste into Zipify.

Click Save.

Step 4:

We need to make sure that on each landing page you are using, you are using the scripts you added. From the landing page editor, click the code symbol.

Step 5:

Make sure that both scripts you created are checked off.

Click 'Save'.

Make sure you click 'Update' on the page, to make sure your changes are published.


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