The Custom Metrics Builder is an amazing tool for creating the specific metric you want to see within your Summary page.

To create a custom metric, tap on the Gear Button in the top right-hand corner of the Summary Page and select Create Custom Metric.

Assign a Title for the metric you'd like to create, and feel free to add a description containing further detail if desired.

Now you'll begin building the custom metric. Here, you are essentially creating a formula between two existing metrics from your Summary page. You can add, subtract, multiple, or divide any metric by any other metric.

You can then choose whether to configure this metric as a currency amount, a percentage, or a static number. Finally, add your new custom metric to any section of your Summary page.

There are hundreds of possibilities here -- let's run through a few examples!

Example 1: Removing Wholesale or POS Orders from your Total Sales

Some of our customers want to see their Total Sales and ROAS without seeing POS orders or Wholesale orders. I'll title this metric: Sales - POS.

To do this, select your Shopify Sales metric, then subtract your POS Shopify Segment. Set the Metric type to $, select the section you'd like to save this metric in -- and you're all set!

Example 2: Creating an Online Sales ROAS (excluding POS orders)

If you'd like to then generate an updated ROAS based on your new "Sales - POS" metric, here's what you'll need to do:

Begin creating a new custom metric. For your first metric, select your new "Sales - POS" metric (you'll find this in the "My Custom Metrics" Metrics section). Then, divide that by your Blended Ad Spend -- that's the total reported ad spend from all the channels connected to your Triple Whale account.

For the metric type, select number, so it saves as a standard ROAS configuration.

Lastly, select the section to save it to, and boom! -- you've got yourself an "Online Sales ROAS" custom metric!

Example 3: Tracking Subscription Revenue from Recharge

This video outlines how to create a section filled with custom metrics specifically for tracking subscription revenue with Recharge -- check it out!

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