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Assigning Custom Expenses to Non-Integrated Channels
Assigning Custom Expenses to Non-Integrated Channels
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What's New

It's a bit of a mouthful, but the ability to input and assign ad spend to any incoming traffic source and campaign has been a long-requested feature in our community.

Triple Whale integrates with a dozen data sources and we're actively building out many more. With today's release, we make it easy to track revenue, ROAS, and profits from across your omnichannel marketing scheme.

Get Started

There are two ways you can create a custom expense in Triple Whale: either as a Fixed Expense or as a Variable Expense. For our purposes of assigning an advertising cost to a traffic source, we will select Add Fixed Expense.

First, let's give ourselves a title for this line item in our records. I'm adding a $2500 Cost for an Attentive campaign that began and ended on July 25th 2023, and I chose to Categorize this expense under Ops.

Then, mark the Ad Spend checkbox. Finally, select the Source and/or Campaign you'd like to attribute this spend towards. Click Save.

Check it Out

Heading back to our Pixel attribution report, we can now see $2500 in Spend attributed towards Attentive!

Track on Summary

This will also help you optimize your Net Profit and Blended ROAS on the Summary page, by adding these custom costs to the big picture.

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