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Integrating ShipStation with Triple Whale
Integrating ShipStation with Triple Whale
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ShipStation is a SaaS (Software as a Service) shipping platform that allows you to manage all your small parcel and LTL shipping needs in one place.

Connecting Triple Whale and ShipStation will allow you to get an accurate net profit on Triple Whale, and watch your most important shipping metrics.

Integrating with ShipStation

Step 1: Connecting the integration

Please note, in order to connect your Shipstation account into Triple Whale, you must have the Store Name in your ShipStation account to match the Shopify URL in which your Triple Whale account is connected.

If the store name in your ShipStation account does not match, you will need to update the store name in your ShipStation account, following these instructions.

Once this is confirmed, please proceed with these steps:

  • In your Triple Whale account, navigate to Settings in your left-hand panel, then click Integrations

  • Find ShipStation and click Connect

You will now need to obtain your API key and secret from ShipStation.

  • Log into your ShipStation account

  • Go to Account Settings

  • Select Account from the left-hand sidebar, then choose API Settings

  • If no key and secret are listed, click Generate API Keys

  • Copy your key and secret

  • Head back to Triple Whale, and enter your API key and secret, before clicking Save

Step 2 (optional): Selecting the shipping cost calculation date

By default, the shipping costs are calculated according to the shipments' label creation date. So if the order was placed on January 1st, but the shipping label was created on Jan. 2nd, the shipping cost for that order would be displayed in Triple Whale as if it took place on Jan. 2nd.

You have the option to change the setting so that the shipping cost will be calculated according to the order date. So in the example provided above, the shipping cost would appear in Triple Whale as having taken place on Jan. 1st (instead of Jan. 2nd). You can adjust this setting by following these instructions.

  • Click 'Manage' on the Shipstation integration on the integrations page

  • Click the settings gear

  • Choose the relevant option from the dropdown and click save.

ShipStation Data in Triple Whale

Once you are connected, ShipStation data will start flowing into the Triple Whale app. Your shipping costs will be used for your net profit calculation, and you can see it in the breakdown:

In addition, navigate to the ShipStation section on the summary page to keep track of your most essential shipping metrics:

Since it takes some time for shipments to be processed by ShipStation, Triple Whale will provide you with an estimated cost for orders which don’t have shipping labels yet. In order to get an estimation, navigate to the Cost Settings page, and under Shipping, add your flat costs per country or order:

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