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Analyze Creative Performance with Creative Cockpit
Analyze Creative Performance with Creative Cockpit

Arm your creative team with mission-critical creative instruments and insights to scale your creative to the moon!

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Creative Cockpit is a powerful creative analysis tool to increase the performance of your ads.

  • Use the power of first-party data to see how your creatives are performing in real-time

  • Compare the performance across tens of metrics

  • Drill down to the individual creative level or aggregate ads by common naming convention, type, or ID

  • Unlock your multi-channel strategy by tracking across Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter

Trend Charts

The first thing you see on the page is a Trends chart. We automatically select the top three creatives that match your search and filter criteria and display them on the chart.

The graph by default shows two lines for each creative — the solid line is for the left Y-axis metric and the dashed line is for the right Y-axis.

Now, pay attention to the bottom-right corner of the graph — you can click on thumbnails to show/hide the selected creatives and focus on one or several of them. In total, you can have up to 8 creatives on the chart at a given time.

Use the dropdowns on both sides of the chart to select any of the 20+ metrics available in the Cockpit.

Aggregated view

Once you've analyzed the trends, it is time to look at the aggregated results. Go ahead and click on the Bar Chart icon to quickly compare both metrics. This view is especially useful if your metrics are volatile within the selected time period.

The left and right bars for each ad show their respective Y-axis. Quickly glance at the image above — the ad with the highest ROAS (green) had very few impressions, so its performance might be not very representative yet.

Detailed View

Once you are done looking at the charts it's time to dig into more metrics. For that, we offer you two views: Cards and Tables.

Card View

The Card View is a great way to both see your creatives in detail and analyze their key metrics.

Every card is visually split into several sections:

  • Creative (click the thumbnail to preview the image/video)

  • ROAS and Conversion Value comparison between Platform and Pixel

  • Color Scale bars to see where each ad is compared to other ads, and

  • Additional metrics that you can configure.

Table View

This view is more familiar to heavy users of Facebook and TikTok Ads Manager tools. It provides the same data as the Card View, laid out within a table display. You can easily switch between Card and Table views by clicking on corresponding icons in the top-right corner of the Detail View.

Creative Types

Once you've become familiar with charts and detailed views, it's time to think about creative types. By default, the Creative Cockpit shows you all ads without grouping them.

If you have ads with identical names spread across multiple ad sets/campaigns, you can group them to understand their aggregate performance. To do so, click on the Ad Name tab. Now all ads in the Detailed View will be aggregated by their Ad Names and you will see how many ads are in each card or table row.

Our Cockpit offers several ways to group your creatives:

  • Ad Name — groups by ad name

  • Image — groups by image ID

  • Video — groups by video ID

  • Copy — groups by description text

  • Segments — groups by custom-built segments

Creative Highlights

Detailed analysis of creatives can take time, which you might not have every day. What if you could quickly see all outlier creatives in one view? This is exactly what Creative Highlights are for — surfacing ads that you should pay closer attention to.


While analyzing your creatives you may want to focus on, or remove, creative assets which have or have not hit specific performance metrics. For example, if you wanted to:

  • Exclude all ads with less than $X of Ad Spend

  • Include only creatives with a CPC of over X

You can simply create a metric filter and set the conditions. Click Save and Apply, and the page will update accordingly.

Questions? Reach out to our Customer Success team to learn more about how Creative Cockpit can help you scale to the moon! 🚀

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