1. How much does it cost?

    1. Version 1.0 which includes our “What led you to purchase today?” question, pixel attribution layer + Affluencer Hub connection is Free for Triple Whale customers

  2. Can I use the Triple Whale Post Purchase Survey without a paid Triple Whale account?

    1. No

  3. Can I add multiple questions to my survey?

    1. Not at this time

  4. Can I add custom answers to my survey?

    1. Not at this time, but you can add Influencers or Affiliates that you’ve previously added to your Affluencer Hub to your survey

  5. Where will this survey be displayed for my customers?

    1. At the top of your order confirmation page, below the “Thank you” text and Order Number

  6. Can I export my post-purchase survey data?

    1. Not at this time

  7. What if I’m already using another post-purchase survey tool?

    1. If you would like to use Triple Whale’s Post-Purchase Survey tool in lieu of your existing survey tool, you will need to ensure you remove your existing survey code from your store’s confirmation page. We suggest reaching out directly to your survey provider or referencing their help documentation before doing so.

    2. Fairing (formerly EnquireLabs) customers can directly integrate their survey responses within Triple Whale (learn more). KnoCommerce will be supported as a direct integration in the coming weeks.


Step 1: Get Started

Triple Whale’s Post-Purchase Survey tool can be found under Insights.

First-time users will be prompted with the following page.

Next → Click “Get Started”

Step 2: Survey Builder

After clicking “Get Started”, you’ll be directed to our Survey Builder page

Here, you can customize your post-purchase survey based on the needs of your business

  • How the survey builder works:

    • Drag & Drop Responses (re-ordering): The light blue square icon found to the far left of each response allows the customer to drag and drop the response to customize the order in which the responses are displayed

    • Hide Responses: Clicking the eyeball next to any of the responses will hide that response in your live survey. You should use this tool to hide any responses that aren’t relevant to your brand.

    • Add Affluencers (influencers & affiliates): If you’re currently using our (free) Affluencer Hub (learn more), you will have the ability to add up to 5 of your Affluencers to your Post-Purchase Survey. More on this feature in this next section.

    • Lock Icon: In version 1.0, all standard responses will be listed with a “lock icon” which means this response cannot be customized or edited. i.e. you cannot change “Facebook/Instagram Ad” to “Facebook Advertisement”

    • Save Survey or Cancel changes: Anytime you’re making changes to their survey, you will need to click the “Save Changes” button to ensure those changes make it into the production (live) version of your survey. If at any point in the editing process, you decide you don’t want to implement the changes you were making, simply click “Cancel”, which will revert the survey back to the last saved version.

Step 3: Add Affluencers (optional)

Clicking the “Add Affluencer” button in your survey builder will trigger an Affluencer selector pop-up to display.

Here, you will find a full list of the Affluencers you’ve added to your Affluencer Hub. If you do not see your preferred Affluencer listed, please save your survey, open your Affluencer Hub and add that affluencer to your Hub before reopening your Survey Builder.

Things to know:

  1. A maximum of 5 Affluencers can be added to your survey at any given time

  2. You can swap out, remove and add the Affluencers displayed in your survey at any time

  3. When your customer chooses your Affluencer in their survey response, that response will be used to power the attributed revenue of that Affluencer in your Pixel dashboard as well as your Affluencer Hub dashboard.

    1. *Attribution Note: If the Triple Pixel has identified that the customer visited your site from the Affluencer’s link or used the Affluencer’s discount code at purchase, the order and its corresponding revenue will be deduplicated (i.e. it will not count twice in your pixel dashboard or Affluencer Hub dashboard)

  4. For today, Influencers and Affiliates that are not present in the Affluencer Hub cannot be manually added into the Triple Whale Post-Purchase Survey

Step 4: Install Survey

Once your survey has been triple-checked (see what I did there?) and saved, it’s time to install your survey.

Simply click the “Install Survey” button below the survey builder and our survey will automatically be added to your Order Confirmation page. The survey will be displayed to all customers and will place right below the customers’ order number details on your Order Confirmation page.

Once you’ve installed your survey, you can go through your live store and place a test order to review your survey setup. Answering your survey is also a great way to review how your data will be displayed in your Survey Report.

*Note: If you’re using another app such as post-purchase upsells that has scripts running on the confirmation page, they take precedence over our survey. Please place a live order on your site after installing the survey to see exactly how it will be displayed for your customers.

Step 5: Analyze your results

Now that your survey is installed, it’s time to sit back and watch the results roll in.

In your survey report, you will find three different ways to review your data:

  1. Bar graph

  2. Table

  3. Pie Chart

If you’re an agency or report to anyone in your business, you can take screenshots of your preferred reporting style and include them in any of your end-of-month reports.

Step 6: Attribution

… What some would consider, “the best part”.

As the Triple Whale Post-Purchase Survey collects zero-party data (data explicitly provided by your customers) Triple Whale will use it to enrich your attribution. If we find that a customer's survey response differs from the journey we’ve captured from the Triple Pixel, we will display the Conversion Value of that order on the channel page that matches the customer's response.

However, if the customer’s survey response matches the channel/source the pixel attributed the order to, the post-purchase survey data will be displayed in the customer journey, but will not be used in attribution (i.e. orders are deduplicated for attribution purposes)


Mapped Channel in Pixel

Facebook/Instagram Ad


Google Ad

Google Ads







Email/SMS Campaign


Referred by a friend


None of the above

Not Attributed


A) Triple Pixel has attributed an order to Facebook via a link click from your Facebook ad AND the customer’s survey response = Facebook

  • Triple Pixel will display the single order and its corresponding conversion value in the pixel table, under the Facebook channel

B) Triple Pixel has attributed an order to Facebook via a link click from your Facebook ad AND the customer’s survey response = TikTok

  • Using attribution model = Triple Attribution, this single order, and its corresponding conversion value will be displayed under the Facebook channel AND the TikTok channel in your Pixel table

C) Triple Pixel does not have any click data on the customer who placed the order, BUT the customer’s survey response = Facebook

  • We will display the order count and conversion value within the Facebook channel of your pixel dashboard under the “Triple Post Purchase Survey” row

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