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Pixel Column Presets for Attribution Reporting
Pixel Column Presets for Attribution Reporting
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Stay goal-focused with actionable Pixel report preset templates built of metrics that matter. Presets help you quickly and easily view relevant marketing traffic and performance metrics in a variety of ways. This will help you make informed decisions faster, while also providing the ability to customize the table in your own way.

Create your own custom templates, or choose from pre-built column presets by the Triple Whale team. Any custom templates become instantly available to other members of your team.

Get Started

Click on the column icon in the upper right of the report. Select one of the existing templates, or customize it as desired while saving your selection as a new template for future use.

Column Preset Templates

Here are the preset templates we have provided and their specialization. Below is a brief overview of each one, and a full list of metrics included in each template can be accessed here.

  • Default — Our blended special of your full-funnel metrics

  • Paid Performance — View common performance metrics, such as reach and cost per result.

  • All Page (Pixel Only) — View common performance metrics across all paid, social & organic channels

  • Bidding & Optimization — View details about bid strategy and the cost of delivering your ads

  • Social & Organic Performance — View metrics about traffic and conversions from social & organic sources

  • Traffic — View metrics about site visitors and activities, such as add-to-carts and bounce rate

  • New Customers — View new customer metrics such as revenue, ROAS, and conversion rate

  • Profit & Inventory — Track costs, profit margins and inventory metrics

  • Purchases — View metrics about new and returning customer purchases

  • My Custom Metrics — View only metrics that you have created in Triple Whale

Creating Presets

You can easily save your column configuration of choice by creating a new preset. The following GIF shows you how!

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