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Integration Yotpo Email & SMS with Triple Whale
Integration Yotpo Email & SMS with Triple Whale

Connecting Yopto into your Triple Whale account for email and SMS marketing efforts

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Yotpo Email & SMS is a leading email & SMS marketing provider. With Yotpo email & SMS you can grow your SMS & email lists, recover abandoned carts, and send revenue-driving texts and emails all in one place, in just a few clicks.

Connecting Triple Whale and Yotpo will allow you to track your marketing efforts, monitor your most important metrics, and understand how your campaigns and flows are performing.

Integrating with Yotpo email & SMS

  • In your Triple Whale account, navigate to Settings in your left-hand panel, then click Integrations

  • Find Yotpo email & SMS and click Connect

  • You will be redirected to Yotpo. Follow the authorization flow to connect to your Yopto account

*Please note, if you are managing multiple stores on your Triple Whale account, you will need to change the store to connect within your Yotpo Account before connecting to Triple Whale. Reach out to our Support Chat if you have any questions on this process.

Yotpo Email & SMS Data in Triple Whale

Once you are connected, Yotpo data will start to import into your Triple Whale Dashboard. Head over to the summary page to track your most important metrics. You should see this section on your Triple Whale Summary Page

Additionally, Yotpo ad spend is calculated into your Triple Whale Net Profit calculation:

Yotpo Attribution in the Triple Whale Pixel

For attribution, head to the Pixel page. You should see Yotpo within your Pixel > Email and SMS section. On this page, you can see your campaigns and flows, and measure the performance based on our Pixel click-based attribution.

To get data flowing into your Pixel pages correctly, you’ll need to set-up UTMs on each of your Yotpo SMS and Email campaigns. You can find directions on how to set up your UTMS here.

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