To add more stores to your account, click on your store name in the top right-hand side of your dashboard to get to your Pods View.

Once you're in your Pod Settings click on the "+" button shown below.

Once you do so you will be brought to this screen to Connect Your Store and set up the plan! If you do not have admin rights, you can click Activate Later and have the store owner connect the store.

Once you click continue you can Build your Plan.

If you'll also be passing along the subscription setup to another team member or to the store owner, simply click Pay Later. If you'll be making the subscription yourself, then build your plan and click Continue to carry on towards payment.

If you click Pay Later, you'll be brought back to your Pod. Anyone with access to your Pod can set up the payment plan or connect with Shopify at any time. You can also invite team members at this time by clicking the Settings icon in the right-hand corner of the store.

Reach out to our Live Chat if you need help!

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