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Input Your Expenses & Track Profitability
Input Your Expenses & Track Profitability

Add your shipping, COGs, and custom expenses to gain a clear and comprehensive picture of your financial performance and profitability

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Accurately tracking your expenses is essential for understanding your store's profitability. The following guides will help you set up various types of costs within Triple Whale, providing a clear and comprehensive picture of your financial performance. We'll cover how to add shipping costs, cost of goods sold (COGs), payment gateway fees, and custom expenses to ensure all aspects of your business expenses are accounted for.

Set up your costs & expenses

Explore the resources linked below to properly setup your costs, track your expenses, and monitor your profitability.

Tracking Profitability

Once you have accurately set up and tracked all your expenses, you can start to analyze your store's profitability. Triple Whale offers robust tools and reports that compile all your expense data to provide a clear picture of your net profit. Regularly review these reports to understand how different expenses impact your bottom line. Look for trends or anomalies in your expenses and profitability, which can help you make informed decisions about where to cut costs or invest more resources. By maintaining a close watch on your profitability, you can ensure sustainable growth and make strategic decisions that benefit your business in the long run.

The Expenses section of your Summary page allows you clear visibility into these expenses.

The Custom Metrics section of your Summary page contains a rich collection of blended metrics that leverage your expense data to monitor profitability on a completely new level.

Summary Page Metrics Library

For a deeper dive into how each of these metrics is calculated, see: Summary Page Metrics Library

Create New Metrics

You can also build your own Custom Metrics using the expense values you've set up. Head to the Metrics Library and click Create Metric to get started.

Profitability in Attribution Data

Track profitability on a channel, campaign, and even ad level by leveraging your expense data in the Pixel attribution report.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. For some reason my Net Profit is displaying $0. What may be causing this?

  • In some instances, a specific payment gateway cost will have NaN as its' value, rather than a number. This causes the Net Profit calculation to hit an error. Head to your Cost Settings and review your Payment Gateway settings to ensure that each line item has a numerical value.

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