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Access Billing & Invoice Information
Access Billing & Invoice Information

Effortlessly access and manage your billing invoices and payment status

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Access Billing & Invoices

Accessing your invoices and updating your billing information in Triple Whale is now easier than ever. To get started, head to Settings > Store Settings.

Update Customer Billing Information

To add or edit the Customer Details that are included on your invoice, click Edit Billing Details.

NOTE: Changes to Customer Billing Details will affect every shop being paid for by this user. Make sure you intend to update this information on all Triple Whale subscriptions that you pay for, prior to making this change.

We understand that some businesses must include a Tax ID on all receipts for their accounting purposes. To add a Tax ID, simply select your country from the drop-down menu and add the ID underneath. Click Save to ensure this information is reflected on your next invoice.

You can include more than one tax ID on your invoice. The information added to the customer details will appear on your invoice as shown below.

Update Payment Method

To update your payment method, click Update Payment Method and enter the new Card or Bank Account information. When complete, click Submit.

Access Past Invoices

Accessing past invoices is straightforward and convenient. Users can easily download invoices, confirm the amount, and check the payment status, ensuring you have up-to-date financial records at your fingertips.

Review Subscription Plan

Curious about what's in your plan? You can easily manage your current subscription details, including the product, price, and status. This allows for quick plan adjustments and access to comprehensive information about your site plan. Loving Triple Whale? Save over 15% by updating your subscription to annual payments!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I change the recipient of all our invoices?

  • To change the recipient of all your invoices, contact our Customer Support team.

2. How do I change the credit card on file?

3. Can I pause my subscription?

  • If you signed up for Triple Whale with a 12-month contract, you will be unable to pause your subscription throughout that duration. If you are not on a 12-month contract, you can downgrade to our free Founders Dash plan, which allows limited access to basic reports without losing any of your tracked data. If you need to remove or limit access to the dashboard for some or all users on your account, you can modify User Permissions in Store Settings.

4. If I cancel my account, will I still have access to my data?

  • We are sorry to see you are looking to leave Triple Whale. If you are experiencing any issues with our service, we would love the opportunity to resolve those with you. If you proceed with cancelling your subscription, you will have access to Triple Whale until the end of your current billing period (i.e. the day of the month on which you originally signed up with Triple Whale). So if you cancel your subscription on the 13th of the month but your next billing date would have been on the 26th, you will still have access to the dashboard until the 26th. You will not be charged again on the 26th.

5. My pricing doesn't look right based on my current revenue. How do you determine the annual revenue of a shop?

  • Triple Whale pricing is based on your Shopify Order Revenue over the last 365 days. By contrast, pricing is not based on Shopify's reported Total Sales metric, which excludes Returns revenue. For a deeper understanding of how metrics are calculated and represented in Triple Whale, see our Data Library.

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