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Creating and Managing API Keys
Creating and Managing API Keys

With the introduction of API Keys, using the Triple Whale API is now easier than ever.

Written by Kellet Atkinson
Updated this week


For customers with access to the Triple Whale API, you can now create, monitor, and manage API Keys directly inside of Triple Whale.

API Documentation

For documentation on available endpoints and examples for using the API, visit the following resources:

Creating API Keys

To create a new API key, head to Settings > API Keys and click Generate an API Key.

Give your API key a description that matches your intended use for the API key. This description will be displayed later to help you keep track of the purpose behind each of your keys.

Select the intended scopes for the API key. Each scope is tied to a specific endpoint:

  • Summary Page: Read β€” Select this scope for pulling data from the Summary page

  • Pixel Attribution: Read β€” Select this scope for pulling customer journey data from the Pixel page

Finally, click Generate.

Your newly generated key will be displayed in a popup. Copy and store it somewhere safe. Once the popup is closed, you will no longer be able to access it again.

API Keys Log

After you have generated one or more API keys, they will be displayed in the table on the API Keys page. Here you will see the assigned description and scope, and a log of the last time the key was used to make an API call.

If you no longer need a key or suspect it has been leaked for any reason, you can revoke access by simple selecting "Revoke" and confirming. This action is irreversible.

Testing Your Key

To test your key, make the following curl request from your terminal. You should receive a 200 response:

curl -H "x-api-key: <PUT_API_KEY_HERE>"

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