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Connecting Recharge to Unlock Subscription Analytics
Connecting Recharge to Unlock Subscription Analytics
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Are you currently selling subscription orders through your Shopify store with Recharge?

You can link your Recharge account with Triple Whale to gain the following insights:

  1. Subscription Analytics Overview (Summary Page feature)

  2. Flexible Subscription Attribution (Pixel Page feature)

Get Started

Begin by integrating your Recharge account with Triple Whale. Head to the Integrations page and click Connect. Follow the prompts to authorize the connection. Once that's complete, you'll be brought back to Triple Whale. You should now find a Recharge section on your Summary page, and begin seeing your data importing into the dashboard.

High-Level Metrics

Once your Recharge account is connected, we display 10 key analytics from Recharge on your Summary page. Remember that you can easily pin these for easy access (and for them to appear in your TW Mobile app Widget).

Here is a list of the Recharge metrics we display:

  • Subscription 1st Order Revenue

  • Subscription Recurring Order Revenue

  • Total Subscription Order Revenue

  • % Subscription Order Revenue

    • NOTE: This can be affected by any filters you may have applied to your “Store” section within your Summary page.

  • Reactivated Customers

  • Total New Subscriptions

  • Total Cancelled Subscriptions

  • Total Churned Subscribers

  • Total Active Subscriptions (you will only see this metric if you are looking at 'today's' data)

  • Total Active Subscribers (you will only see this metric if you are looking at 'today's' data)

Pro Tip: Hovering your mouse over the section will populate three dots (…) in the upper right-hand corner. Clicking this will give you more control over the data you want displayed and how it’s displayed.

  • Trying clicking Reorder Tiles to remove any unnecessary metrics for your business

  • Click Switch to Table Mode if prefer a more sleek look to your dashboard

You can also build your own Custom Metrics, blending Recharge data with your shop data to create custom solutions for your retention reporting.

Plus: Recharge Signups & Retention Rates

If you have connected Recharge to Triple Whale, you now have access to four additional metric columns on the Pixel page that help you understand your new subscriptions and canceled subscriptions, broken down per channel. Keep in mind that all metrics are relative to the selected time frame.

  • Sign Ups: the number of new subscriptions.

  • Sign Up Rate: new subscriptions expressed as a percentage of the total web sessions.

  • Churns: the number of canceled subscriptions.

  • Churn Rate: canceled subscriptions expressed as a percentage of the total web sessions.

Looking to filter your Pixel data by Subscription order tags? Check it out here!

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